It Doesn’t Matter (IDM) and It Makes No Difference (IMND)

It Doesn’t Matter an It Makes No Difference 

Robert B. Jordan
Resident Grump

Okay I finished my chores, the bathroom is clean, the dishwasher is emptied, the front hose is fixed so we can water the plants, and I’ve put out the trash. So, now I’m in the mood to start a church, or a political movement; I’m just not sure which would be more appropriate. Each would serve the purpose – each would be relevant – each would be a noble task – each would be revolutionary – oh hell I can’t decide so I’ll start both – the church will be “The Church of the IDM” (It Doesn’t Matter), and the political movement will be “The People for IMND” (It Makes No Difference).

“The Church of the IDM” and “The People for IMND” will basically pursue the same agenda, but this way it will keep church and state separate, as they should be, but the movements and activities will be common. Actually the church and state might be growing closer with some of the legislation lately.

“The Government of the United States is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” George Washington

However, this presentation will discuss pertinent issues that don’t matter, or make no difference. The purpose of this essay is to show what is relevant today, and what isn’t.

The main thrust here is that most everything that has happened in the past, both religiously and politically, either doesn’t matter, or makes no difference. Think about it for a moment – we are still here. Nothing that has happened in all the previous millions of years has prevented us from still being here. None of it is relevant! None of it has mattered; none of it has made a difference, and it applies to both good and bad.

With all the history since the beginning of time are we religiously better or worse? With all the history since the beginning of time are we politically better or worse? I maintain that we are the same – none of the religious history or the political history has mattered, nor has it made a difference – we are still here, and we are still flawed.

The fact is that we could have saved a lot of trouble and heartache by avoiding all the tragedies of the past. We didn’t need to have wars, purges, crusades, plunders, dictatorships, persecutions, preaching, crooked elections, guilt carriers, prejudice, slavery, terrorism, missionaries, evangelists, crime, disrespect, because we are still here in spite of it all, and we are still flawed.

We have survived all history has thrown at us, and we are basically the same people as those that existed in the beginning of time. Sure we are bigger, more educated (?), wear more clothes, live in houses instead of caves, buy meat instead of killing it, enjoy garage door openers and indoor plumbing, created various uses for the wheel, but basically we are the same. Those folks that stumbled around the earth at the beginning of time have the same attitude as your neighbor. They both seek food and shelter, they both seek warm and dry clothes, they both seek an ardent and friendly mate, and they both look for a good party on Saturday night. So what has history accomplished? What affect has all those tragic events and disastrous happenings had on us?

Oh sure I can just hear the skeptics out there – how about Christopher Columbus they say? How about the Conquistadors, how about the US Government, how about the Jewish people and WWI and WWII, how about Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung and all the other “minor” incidents over the past many years. Come on people!


Okay, maybe it affected the indigenous peoples Columbus and his crew enslaved.


And, perhaps the Conquistadors massacres at Cholula and Tenochtitlan of Aztec noblemen affected them.

Just because the U.S. Government violated treaty after treaty and shuffled the Native Americans off to reservations in awful places doesn’t mean all that much, except maybe it affected the Native Americans involved.

There are some people that deny the holocaust ever happened, so why are the Jewish people sensitive about it? What in the world do us red blooded, bible-thumping, gun-toting Americans care about a bunch of Russian or Chinese peasants? I mean, what have they to do with our lives. We are still able to buy our big houses, and boats, and SUVs, and designer clothes. We haven’t lost our penchant for paying outrageous amounts of money to our revered athletes, or favorite actor, or band, or singer. We still elect a new bum to replace the old bum every so often. We continue to place less and less emphasis on education, and fall further behind in the world rankings. We don’t need any stinking history! We don’t need to be aware of it, to learn from it. I mean really! You can’t live in the past.

We are far too busy fussing about the merits of Christianity versus Atheism, the Conservative way versus the Liberal way, whether abortion and same sex marriages are good things or bad things; whether the bible is all truth or all fiction, which light bulbs we should be using – is Trump a bigger bum than Hillary, or is it the other way round?

How about the next election, who will the new bums be? All those decades of history behind us haven’t made us any smarter about religion, or politics so what good has it been, what difference has it made? Just a few days ago a radicalized young man blew himself up along with several people in Manchester, England. A couple days ago a bus load of Coptic Christians were assaulted in Egypt and 29 were killed. A mentally disturbed man in Portland, Oregon stabbed three people – two of them died.

Wait, you don’t think that maybe history is important do you? Hmmmm I wonder. Could it be that I have it reversed? Nah! Can’t be! But, I’m feeling the urge to ponder. Is it possible we could learn from history? Yes, I know that’s a very radical and impractical thought, but what if? What would happen if some mystical day in the future the human race did in fact learn from history? What if we woke up some beautiful morning and found we were all smarter? The lessons learned kicked in – people sat down and discussed rather than argued, reached agreements instead of impasses. I just had a goose pimply thought – what if the leaders in our Government actually acted in the best interests of all the American people, in every issue? What if all people just lived and let live? What if there was true and consistent justice? What if racism just disappeared? What if prejudices went away?

“One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests.” Thomas Paine

I’m getting a headache thinking that we could actually learn from history, learn not to commit the same mistakes over, and over. WOW what if we paid women the same wages as men? What if we found a workable solution to the immigrant situation? What if we got everyone in Washington DC to actually sit down at a table and find solutions to the budget problems, health care, the high price of prescription drugs, poverty, the Post Office, getting out of Afghanistan, taking care of our veterans properly, and solving all the unrest in the Middle East, and the financial crisis in Europe? What if our elected politicians stopped with the “did not, did to, did not, did to” mentality, came in off the playground and simply fixed things?

Oh my goodness, now I’m getting heart burn. Am I thinking utopia? No, I’m just thinking reason for reasonable people, by reasonable people. I’m thinking my grand children, my great grandchildren, and those following them might have a world that is much further advanced in its thinking than mine is.

I wonder if we don’t need the church of “It Doesn’t Matter” (IDM), or the political movement “It Makes No Difference (IMND). Hmmmmm!

I think I’ll lie down.

“How dismal it is to see present day America yearning for the very orthodoxy that the then country was founded to escape.” Christopher Hitchens

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  1. Great thoughts and insight but remember that governments love war. It is a real money maker for them.

    1. Good job-however my thoughts are that through the years politics and religion are both our enemy–there has been many wars and deaths caused by both for no good reason…I have become very negative on both politics and religion…

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